The Calendar with the capital C
Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C Calendar with capital C
calendar with capital C
calendar with capital C


For over 30 years the „Calendar with the capital C“ has served musicians, conductors, artists, theaters, opera houses, concert halls, museums etc. in their long term scheduling and reviewing of past events.

This calendar runs on handwritten information only, needs no charging and no updates. It will be your companion you can rely upon at all times.

The Calendar features 4 well-arranged pages per year, an international information page (time difference, dialing codes, currencies), special pages for sticking notepads as well as sections for addresses, birthdays, and other notes. The Calendar is a wire-o-bound 60-page book, measuring 22.5 x 31 cm, 12.5 mm thick, weighing 590 g. It comes in a durable silver grey protective cover. Take a look inside...


look inside


calendar with capital C
calendar with capital C


1 „Calendar with the capital C“ costs 58,50 €
Order 11 = pay 10!

Shipping charges depend on country and total amount of the order. We calculate the actual costs of shipment upon your order and show it in your prepayment invoice.

Bank charges / Paypal fees
You can pay using traditional bank transfer or paypal. The charges for the payment depend on the chosen service and your country (e.g. international bank charges or paypal fees). We show those extra costs after calculation on the prepayment invoice.

Order, payment, delivery
After your online or offline order (e-mail, fax, postcard) you will receive a prepayment invoice as PDF via e-mail or printed in the mail payable to us before delivery.



I/we hereby place an order for Calendar(s) 2017-2029 for 58,50 € each.
For shipping and payment charges see section costs.

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The 13-year Calendar was conceived in the 1980s by AM-Gruppe agency and developped and redesigned by our graphic team over the last decades.

The project was handed over by the outgoing agency to us –starting the 2nd generation, indicating the long-term mindset of this unique scheduling tool.

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